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Volunteer to be a Preceptor!

Posted about 5 years ago by Debi Onken

SCC-GAPNA is actively recruiting members who are interested in becoming preceptors.  Being a preceptor is not only a way to meet recertification requirements.  It is a way of "paying it forward" from the great experiences you had as a student and contributing to the development of our profession as a whole.  

There is a particular need in San Diego at the moment, but we will be compiling a list of members willing to precept as we receive inquiries from time to time from students who are in need.  We will not be publicly publishing the list, but will put candidates in touch with one another.

Please consider being a preceptor.  The National GAPNA website has some great resources for becoming a preceptor.  Be sure to take advantage of those.

SCC-GAPNA Board of Directors